Creating Life Long Memories

child playing a game at a fair

Can you remember your first party?  What about your first school fete, formal or graduation.  I can remember my first concert so clearly.  It was a big international star who played the only big venue in my town called Festival Hall.  The first time I planned an event was my own 13th birthday party but didn’t really think about the planning process.  I just wanted my friends to have fun.  The first time I planned a business event was for a retail franchise where I had to organise education segments interspersed with sales pitches.  The objective was clear – demonstrate the product so well to the audience, that they want to buy more.  At the same time, I volunteered on my kids’ school fete and participated for 2 years.  It was so badly organised I couldn’t stay any longer. 

I didn’t know then that I had the skills to lead the committee, and we all could have had an amazing time, creating life long memories for our kids (the audience).  Instead, the focus was on how much people would pay for rides, how can we find a spot for the local politician to have their say, how many sponsors can we get on board this year?  I don’t think we ever asked ourselves, what is the life-long memory we want our kids to take away from this fete? 

I will remind you of your audience.  Because there are so many things to remember when putting all the event parts together, we often forget that there’s an audience here to serve.  But you know what I say, no audience – no event.  So remember to keep your audience at the forefront of every decision and you are guaranteed to have a successful event.  For it is for them that you are creating.