AI generated image of an event in progress in an open space with convention centre, please walking around and a stage in the middle.

About a year ago I received a reply to an email that really surprised me.

I send out weekly newsletters and if you’ve ever downloaded one of my freebies, you most likely received a few emails from that, related to that freebie. Some weeks I get a few positive replies, some weeks I get none. My unsubscribe rate is pretty low, so I was really surprised to receive the following response to the final email in the set that goes out with the IDEA to LIVE worksheet and video.

“Hey did you hand write this? Kind of reads a little bit like AI created. . ?”

I was shocked and complimented at the same time! Of course I write my own newsletters but how cool one of my readers thought I was as smart as AI. That same week I saw several people IRL who told me they love how I write and look forward to my newsletter – go figure!

But I do use AI for lots of things and this article gives you a quick run down of what I use and how. 

Warning! If you haven’t played with AI before the rabbit hole is DEEP! But also, oh so much fun.

Let’s go.

ChatGPT:  This tool does a million things, but I use it to improve my writing.  For example, I receive a lot of bios of presenters and sometimes they can be a little technical, or the person has written them themselves and just doesn’t want to be seen as self-promoting.  Pop it into ChatGPT, ask it to re-write it and voila! A compelling bio that encourages people to read more!

DALL-E:  I’ve just started playing with this one, but I think it will be a cool way to show what’s in my imagination and demonstrate event concepts to clients.  Checkout below what it gave me with this prompt: “A modern day landscape with a convention centre, parklands and lots of conference delegates milling around.  Use muted colours, but a relaxed vibe.  Show a speaker stage, theatre style set up with exhibition booths around the outside of the space.  Add food stations, a casual bar, and some interactive zones.”

OpusClip:  I have the pro version of this, but the free version is an excellent starter.  This tool takes your videos and uses AI to create short clips, including captivating captions all in a manner of seconds.  If you follow me on TikTok just about everything on here is created with OpusClip and it takes no time to create bit sized videos of your content. Brilliant for sharing panels, conference content for promotion, or snippets of information.

Lumen5:  Really can’t stand putting your face online but have lots of things to say?  No problem!  Record your audio and pop it into Lumen5 and the AI will find the write video content to go with your audio and add captions! There’s lots of other things this tool can do, but I love it for creating basic videos where the message is the hero.

AgentGPT:  This one blew my mind.  If I ever thought an AI tool was going to take my job – this, is it!  This one can plan the whole roadshow for you, and yes, even find the venues, caterers, and everything in between.  Of course, there’s nothing that beats relationships and real connections, but as far as your Google search is concerned, this takes it to the next level.

Other paid options:  I use a variety of other tools, some of which have free versions, but I use the paid version.  This is because the free versions usually limit the output, meaning you don’t get the best the program has to offer. If you have any of these already but haven’t explore their AI capabilities, you should!

o   Adobe Creative Suite:  the best image creator

o   CapCut:  social media just got a whole lot easier, especially TikTok.

o   Descript:  All-in-one video to audio to transcription, and the list goes on

o   AI tools within programs like social media schedulers

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